Vaellan® – a true multitool

Get a machine that works just as hard as you do, 365 days a year. With Vaellan, you don’t need to choose between an ATV or snowmobile, you’ll get both in a single, compact, lightweight MULTI PURPOSE VEHICLE. Vaellan is not a snowmobile or ATV, it is truly a tool for so many different applications. Made in Finland with the highest quality parts, each machine has a reliable Honda 200GX engine.

Vaellan was made for work in extreme conditions throughout Scandinavia’s lush forests, rugged mountains, and harsh tundra. This is why Vaellan is the go-to machine for forestry agencies, environmental organizations, fisherman, and more, since 2016. The open design was made for easy access and maintenance. There are no unnecessary components so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.

A smart investment.

Made for deep snow


Vaellan’s greatest innovation is the light weight with floating track. Larger Snowmobiles the front to back is ridig. Vaellan the track and frame are connected in one spot only. The track moves with the terrain throughout the ride allowing always the minimum ground pressure and highest traction. Since the Vaellan swinging track handles all the impacts, you don’t need a suspension and that results in to less parts to service. The result is a smooth ride, and a lightweight machine that is easy to ride in any conditions. It is not Snowmobile, it is much more.


As there are as little plastic and moving parts it makes the unit extremely reliable and robust. VAELLAN has been made for any operations and any weather situations. Track itself is extremely durable and long lasting. When the track is following the terrain it maintains the lowest possible surface pressure, since the track’s weight is evenly distributed. The way the weight is distributed also allows the front of the track to rise upwards, allowing it to ride on top of the snow. The extra-large skis on the extremely-light front frame also helps reduce the ground pressure. This is what gives Vaellan Snow and Snow+ unparalleled mobility.


VAELLAN SNOW OR SNOW+ is the unit where to start! Easy to transport and store. It is easy and quick to assemble without any tools. This is icefishers dream come through. You can take it with you in a regular passanger vehicle and drive to the location. It takes you less than 5 minutes to put it together and you are ready to ride. One full tank of gas allows you to get full day of icefishing done.

VAELLAN SNOW+: The new favorite of most users. Snow and Snow+ uses same modules except the SNOW+ version has longer track to give you even less ground pressure. SNOW+ was created for the deeper snow conditions. The unit will suprise you how well it can go on top of the snow. ‘

VAELLAN WHEELER:  Off-road unit is for those users that do not always get snow or need easy to use four-wheeled unit for their operations. It has great performance getting things done. This feature needs few tools to get it assembled. Changing from Snow or Snow+ version to Wheeler takes you less than 3 minutes.

VAELLAN COMBO UNIT: You can also use Vaellan with track and front wheels. This is fantastic tool for extreme off-roading as you have track on the back and wheels on the front.

Designed to Meet and Exceed the Highest Standards


  • Affordable, with low yearly operating costs
  • Snowmobile and ATV in one, use 365 days a year
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Quickly convert, assemble, or disassemble
  • Can be hauled in regular passenger car or pickup, no trailer needed
  • Air cooled engine – does not require snow
  • Reliable and high quality
  • New features compatible with all frames
  • Lightest snowmobile in the market
  • Lowest ground pressure for ultimate maneuverability
  • Built for extreme conditions, forest, mountains, tundra, and more


Technical details

Main dimensions,
length / width / height
Skis: Snow: 83 in, Snow+: 98 in / 39 in / 43 in
Front wheels: 71 in / 46 in / 43 in
ATV: 67 in / 46 in / 43 in
Dryweight (no options)
Total weight
185 lb
200 lb
Tire pressure0,3 bar
Maximum loadSnow: 350 lb, Snow+: 339 lb, max towing capacity 242 lb
Intended useLight multipurpose vehicle for snow to off-road usage.
Operating angleMax operating slope 20 degrees
Operating temperature+104°F – (5°F)
Highest operating altitude4900 ft
Top speed
slow transmission
fast transmission (optional)
<9 mph
<12 mph
EngineHonda GX200
kW (hv) / RPM4,3 (5,8) / 3600
FuelE98, Fuel tank 0,82 gal
Fuel consumption / (max)< 0.26 gal / h (0.45 gal / h max)
TransmissionCentrifugal clutch and chain
Noice level<70 dB(A)
FrameSkis and tracks or 4-wheels or tracks and 2 wheels front
SuspensionFront springs and swing frame in the track