Designed & Built in Finland


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The World’s First All In One Snow and Off-Road Vehicle

Vaellan is a true MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). We have built the best lightweight vehicle that you can use for ice fishing, driving off-road, transporting goods, as well as taking care of day-to-day tasks at home or at your cottage. Vaellan vehicles are built to withstand tough working environments, this is why they are widely used by environmental agencies, energy companies, line clearers, and forestry workers. The Vaellan vehicle can be driven all year round, no matter the weather.

Extremely low ground pressure allows Vaellan® to go places others can’t.


Snowmobile 80 g/cm2


Snowshoe 22 g/cm2

vaellan vehicles black

Vaellan® Snow+ 18 g/cm2

Vaellan – Dismantle and assemble in minutes

Vaellan vehicles are designed to be dismantled and assembled in minutes. Due to its design and features, you are able to choose what type of configuration suits your own needs. The vehicle can easily be configured from a Vaellan Snow or Vaellan Snow+ to a Vaellan Wheeler. If you want to drive a Vaellan vehicle in tough terrains while hauling cargo, you can also drive with a track and wheels. The track doesn’t have a runner which means it can be used during summer.

The vehicle can be dismantled and assembled in about 5 minutes. You can even transport it in the trunk of your car.


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