Interchangeable parts




Vaellan can be configured into five different vehicles with its revolutionary interchangeable parts, making it possible to drive all year round. Say goodbye to the days of owning multiple vehicles for different seasons.
Keep your Vaellan staying up to date with newest features by purchasing the newest parts. Experience the freedom to drive in any environment, any time of year.




Snow and Snow+

Introducing Snow and Snow+ by Vaellan Vehicles – the practical solutions for traversing dense terrain with ease. These modular vehicles offer an affordable and versatile option for winter adventures, conveniently fitting in your car trunk for effortless transport.
With their agile performance tailored for snowy landscapes, Snow and Snow+ provide dependable traction and control without unnecessary complexity. Whether you’re gearing up for a day of winter activities or simply seeking a serene drive, these vehicles prioritize simplicity and functionality.

Combo and Combo+

Introducing Combo and Combo+ by Vaellan Vehicles – the ultimate all-season companions. With their innovative design featuring both tracks and front wheels, these vehicles redefine year-round mobility, offering unparalleled versatility and control regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.
Whether you’re navigating through snow, mud, or rocky terrain, Combo and Combo+ provide dependable stability for a smooth and confident ride. Designed to tackle every season, these vehicles are your go-to solution for year-round exploration and adventure.


Discover Wheeler by Vaellan Vehicles – your ultimate off-road adventure companion, built for exploring the untamed wilderness. Engineered to conquer rugged terrain, Wheeler offers unparalleled agility and versatility for off-grid exploration.
With its durable construction and advanced features, Wheeler ensures reliable performance wherever your off-road adventures take you. Whether you’re navigating rocky landscapes, traversing dense forests, or conquering sandy dunes, Wheeler is ready to tackle the challenge with confidence.

Technical Details

length x width x height
Snow (with skis)
83in x 39in x 43in

Snow+ (with skis)
98in x 39in x 43in

67in x 46in x 43in
Weight (no options)185 lb
Tire pressure0,3 bar
Maximum loadSnow
350 lb

339 lb

Max towing capacity
242 lb
FrameSkis and tracks or 4-wheels or tracks and 2 wheels front
Operating angleMax operating slope 20 degrees
Intended useLight multipurpose vehicle for snow to off-road usage.
EngineHonda GX200
SuspensionFront springs and swing frame in the track
FuelE98, Fuel tank 0,82 gal
TransmissionCentrifugal clutch and chain
Noise level<70 dB(A)
Top speed (12-teeth)
Top speed (14-teeth)
Top speed (16-teeth)
<9 mph
<12 mph
Fuel consumption / (max)< 0.26 gal / h (0.45 gal / h max)
Highest operating altitude4900 ft
Operating temperature+104°F – (5°F)
kW (hv) / RPM4,3 (5,8) / 3600